Website Internationalisation

Internationalisation with Multi-Language Search Engine Optimisation

Internationalisation involves designing a website or software application in such a way that it can be easily adapted for users from other countries, without fundamental changes to the programming or underlying structure.

For instance providing support for international character sets (Unicode) will make it possible to translate a website into multiple languages, including those using entirely different characters to those found on a standard UK or American keyboard, such as Chinese. Foreign language optimisation (SEO should also be supported to ensure that search engines can find and access web page content in all the different languages. These features are essential for web applications and websites that are seeking to attract a global audience, or international customers .

The widely used abbreviation "I18N" is derived from the fact that there are 18 letters between the 'i' and the 'n'.

Project Examples...

Internationalisation and SEO for an ecommerce website

An international e-commerce website required search engine optimisation for different languages (including Chinese) as well as internationalisation for multiple currencies. In addition they were experiencing difficulties with their existing website, with a number of issues that needed to be fixed.

Amalgam Home PageAmalgam Detail Page

Project example for E-Commerce SEO & Internationalisation