Volume Data Website Import

Web registration software integration with automatic data cleansing

The ADEY website is used by their customers to register information about new product installations. This information is collected and then imported into a central Access database.

The Problem

With large amounts of data to process, the web import had become unmanageably slow. This was exacerbated as additional data was imported directly from Excel. With no checking mechanism in place, there was a lot of unnecessary duplication.

In addition, having grown to over a quarter of a million records our client's Access management database performed poorly when trying to locate information using the standard Access search facility. The database had not been optimised and had become bloated in size.

The Solution

We optimised the model for the information that was actually being stored in the database, and added appropriate indexes to speed up searching. There is now is a significant improvement in performance in spite of the large volumes of data involved. A custom search facility now makes it much easier for them to locate the information they need.

We wrote a custom web import routine which automatically detects and removes duplicate registrations. This website integration process now takes seconds whereas it had previously taken many minutes.

All this was achieved within a very small budget.

We later provided an "Expert System" for a different department/area within the company

We’ve always been happy with your service and Tony who has always been really helpful and prompt with his responses, so all good here!

Natalie Bowen, Project Coordinator ADEY Professional Heating Solutions