Custom Websites

Custom and Integrated Websites

  • Achieve higher ranking in Google
  • Attract more customers with a striking, mobile friendly website design
  • Update your website easily as often as you like with no added cost
  • Increase sales with an ecommerce website
  • Minimise outgoings with low cost web hosting
  • Integrate your website with your sales/marketing/administration database

First impressions count, so make it a good one. We will build a high quality, professional website to promote your business, at a very competitive price.

Your website will be custom-built, unique to reflect the personality of you and your company. With a quick and easy method of updating the website yourself, you will be able to keep it up to date with information that you wish to share with your visitors.

The "responsive web layout" of each page will resize to fit the web-browsing device, whether this is a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop or other device. Even better your website will remain compatible with modern browsers and devices as technology progresses.

The following are just some of the ways in which we can ensure your website will attract new clients, whilst saving you both time and money.

Custom-Built Professional Websites

With a professional website built specifically to your own requirements it will more accurately represent your business. It will be "adaptive" to work with modern devices, be easy to update yourself, and can be interactive to provide more pertinent information. We can provide all this at a very competitive price.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Bring more customers to your website with Search Engine Optimisation. We can help you find that illusive page one ranking (even the No 1 position) on Google by optimising your website, also referred to as SEO, with keywords appropriate to your business.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

A Content Management System will allow you to make changes to your website as simply as changing text in a word document. Changes made will be displayed immediately, so your website will always be up to date. You will also be able to add and change images, as well as other content.

Low Cost Web Hosting

We can provide you with inexpensive web hosting. For an all-inclusive price we will manage your domain registration and renewal on your behalf.

Custom Website Design

A stylish website that is informative and easy to use is essential for businesses of all sizes . Make a good impression on your prospective customers with a professional Website Design that will inspire trust and guide visitors to take action.

Custom E-Commerce Websites

With an e-commerce website you will be able to sell your products (or services) cost effectively using the Internet . Increase your profits by selling to a wider audience. Reduce your expenses with savings in both time and resources. Save even more by integrating your website with your existing business administration database.

Integrated Websites

Integrate your website with your sales, marketing or administration database. Website integration will improve your efficiency, saving you both time and money.

Websites at an Affordable Price for Small Businesses and Charities

Are you, like so many small businesses, missing out on the vast opportunities that the internet has opened up? We will create an effective, professional, search engine friendly business website, that you can update yourself, at a price you can afford.

Adaptive, Responsive and Mobile Friendly Websites

If users cannot easily navigate your website on a mobile device, they are unlikely to stay. With rapidly increasing numbers of people accessing the Internet with mobile phones, tablets, and other devices you cannot afford to neglect these potential customers. An adaptive or responsive website will be easy to use regardless of the screen resolution, from smartphones to the larger monitors of desktop computers.

Internationalisation for Web Applications

The process of making a website or software application easy to use by people in other countries is known as Internationalisation, frequently abbreviated to I18N. Essential for any business trying to reach an international market, this encompasses search engine optimisation for foreign languages as well as support for international character sets.

Solutions to Website Problems

If your website was developed a few years ago you may find that it is not compatible with modern browsers. Alternatively, it may be experiencing performance or other issues. Fixing problems with Web Applications, websites or other software can often be relatively simple, saving considerable time and money.

Dynamic (data driven) Websites

For your website to remain current you will need a Dynamic Website backed by a Content Management System. This will enable you to take complete control of the information presented in your website.

Static Websites

Initially Static websites can be easier to build, so can be cost effective if your website is not likely to need updating very often. However as technologies have evolved, simple dynamic websites can now be built for a similar price.

Static to Dynamic Website Conversion

With a simple Static to Dynamic Website Conversion you can keep your website exactly as it is. We will provide you with easy access to update it yourself, and your modest outlay will soon pay for itself.

In addition to Custom Websites, please also have a look at examples of our Custom Software or Microsoft Access projects.