Software Integration

Microsoft Access integrating with other software and databases

We can give you easy access to information you already have in your database, presenting it in a format that is meaningful for you to use. By integrating your existing business software with Microsoft access we can build input forms and information screens that are intuitive to use and reflect the way you work.

You will be able to update the information or enter new data. We can also train you or your staff, to enable you to create your own reports quickly and easily.

We can provide easy import and export functionality between Access and Excel for businesses using spreadsheets extensively . Access can link seamlessly with all Office applications such as Outlook and Microsoft Word. Document Management will provide direct links to a wide range of documention for greater efficiency and more informed decision making.

Link your website to an office administration system, or collect data automatically from your website with custom website integration.

Accountancy packages such as Sage or Intuit Quickbooks, or Contact Management products such as Act!, can be integrated with Microsoft Access. See our separate page for more information about Sage integration.

Software for other purposes including CRM (Client Relationship Management), CAD (Computer Aided Design), CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) or Project Management can be integrated. Microsoft Access can be used with in-house software systems developed using Oracle, DB2, SQL Server or other databases.

Project Examples...

Invoicing with Sage integration, Job Management with SMS messaging application

inRode is a custom built Job Management System, handling the allocation of deliveries to drivers. It incorporates a bespoke invoicing system to help them manage industry specific billing requirements, with electronic transfer of information for integration with Sage. The most recent addition was an integrated CMS application for automatically sending text messages to drivers with delivery information.

Project example for Auto Text Messaging and Job Management

Questionnaire Analysis within Management Information System

We developed a custom Management Information System for our client using Microsoft Access, and integrating with Word and Excel. With automatic exporting and importing within Microsoft Office staff can more easily manage the complete process from creating questions through logging contacts with respondents to questionnaire analysis and reporting.

Project example for MIS Questionnaire Analysis

Processing large amounts of information and website integration

Our client is a market leading manufacturer of innovative products designed to serve the central heating sector. ADEY Professional Heating Solutions were experiencing problems with their Access database when importing large amounts of data collected from their website, and trying to process this information.

Project example for Web Import + Volume Data Processing

Workflow System with Project and Document Management

A research and analysis company required a custom Access project management system, to streamline and integrate their workflow and document management.

Project example for Work Flow database + Document Handling

Bookings and Diary System using Microsoft Access

A custom central appointment and booking system enables this Bristol charity to make appointments and track the progress of their clients with ease. It is fully integrated with other areas within the organisation. Automatic document production ensures that all relevant documentation is printed for each consultation.

Integrated Appointments Access Database

Project example for Appointments, Bookings and Diary

Microsoft Access integration with Word and Excel for Contact Management System

A marketing company required custom Contact Management software to help them manage an expanding range of services provided to the UK veterinary sector. They needed to integrate a Microsoft Access database with Word and Excel and to automate a number of regular processes.

Project example for Contact Management with Office Integration