Microsoft Access

Custom Business Software using Microsoft Access

  • Increase your profits
  • Improve your customer care
  • Reduce time spent on administration
  • Minimise data entry or calculation errors
  • Adapted to your staff whether technically competent or technophobe
  • Simple to learn and use as it is built to reflect your own working practices
  • Easily enhanced as your business expands and adapts
  • Link to other business software and back office databases
  • Integrate with your website or cloud services such as Google Drive
  • Speedy access to vital information for tactical and strategic decision making

Gain a competitive advantage with software tailored to the way you work. Automate administrative tasks, consolidate customer information, and turn your data into valuable information.

We will provide functionality that will save your staff time and increase your company's efficiency. With clear navigation your staff will not be hindered or confused by irrelevant information, or "features" they will never use. Tools that are vital to your business can be incorporated such as cloud services or web apps. We can also provide website integration for automatically downloading (and/or uploading) data as and when required.

Remote access to your software can be provided as well as access by a mobile phone, so all co-workers and business partners will be able to connect easily to remain informed with up-to-date information.

We will help you manage any (or every) aspect of your business, from marketing and sales to business administration and contact management. Your software will be developed quickly and inexpensively using Microsoft Access. With custom reporting, you will be able to take greater control of your business.

Please browse through the following examples to see how we have helped other businesses use this powerful tool. Your own business requirement is likely to be completely unique, so please contact us to talk to us directly.

Custom Access Database

You will quickly recover the modest outlay of a Custom Access Database. With a system developed to suit the way you work, time will be saved, errors will be reduced, and business/client information will be readily available in the most useful format to you and your staff. In addition we will automate routine jobs, simplify complex tasks, and provide a full range of management reports.

Business Administration

Do repetitive jobs take up too much of your staff's time, whilst more complex tasks are either prone to error or occupy too much of your time? From small one man bands to large corporations, we can maximise your efficiency with business software customised to the way you run your business.

Invoicing and Billing

Does your current invoicing software struggle to handle your industry-specific issues, or fail to take into account your individual/particular business processes? Let us develop a Microsoft Access Invoicing or Billing System that will fit the way your business operates.

Project Management

A custom project management database will guide your staff through each step of your projects, from communication with prospects, quoting, planning, scheduling, invoicing and follow up. You will be able to monitor progress effectively throughout.

Contact Management System and CRM

Contact Management Software is an essential tool for sales and marketing as well as for customer support. With easy access to the full contact history, it will help you develop a long and profitable relationships with your clients.

Quotation and order processing system

Ensuring the customer gets the correct product at the best price for both the buyer and seller is key to good business. A custom quotation and order processing system will help you achieve this.

Job Management

Take complete control of your business with a Job Management System customised to the way you work. Your team will be able to clearly identify task priorities, and quickly locate relevant information. For greater efficiency, integrate your job management software with other aspects of you business, and automate the preparation of regular documentation.

Office Integration and Automation

Office automation will simplify complex tasks and automate regular tasks such as batch marketing. With email, word processer, spreadsheet and other applications fully integrated into a central database, all important information will be easily available.

Management Information

Your most valuable asset is your customer data. With a strong data model and a powerful relational database a Management Information System will enable you to extract important information quickly, easily, and in a format that is most useful to you.

Booking and Appointment Systems

A custom appointments or booking system will mirror the way your organisation operates. By integrating the software with an office administration database, you will have easy access to full client details, including dates of previous bookings, contacts, product sales, and other relevant information.

Solving Database Problems

If you are experiencing problems with your Access database, or other database software, we will investigate to find the most economical solution for you. If required, we will provide on-going support for your continued piece of mind.

Upgrading Access and Version Control

We have helped many new clients who have experienced Access upgrade problems when using a new machine pre-installed with a newer version of Office. Although this is an easy problem to resolve for a well designed a database, we often see needless or unsafe "remedies".

Statistical Analysis

How well do you understand your customers? How accurately can you predict future trends? Which new markets or trends should you explore? Using Microsoft Access, we will simplify report generation to give you the answers that are important to your business.

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