Factory Floor Job Management system with order processing

Microsoft Access ISO9001 Order Processing, Quotation and Invoicing

DJB Instruments is an ISO9001 compliant company that design and manufacture instrumentation for vibration and acoustic measurement. They have a distribution network in several countries. They offer a bespoke service building high precision, high tech devices as specified by their customers, as well as supplying products from stock.

The company needed a quotation and job management database system that would integrate both the sales and production aspects of their business.


Prospects and customers were stored in separate databases, with considerable duplication of data. There was also an independent order processing system that was used for production management. Without stock control, however, staff had no way of checking if a product was already in stock, or in process of being manufactured.

Our client’s requirements did not follow a conventional manufacturing or retail model, with orders falling into two very different categories. Most instrumentation was built to order. However some products were supplied from existing stock that they had previously manufactured. The existing system could not handle an order that was split between the two.


All aspects of the business are now handled within one database, from quotation, through factory floor job management, to invoicing.

The new job management system logs enquiries and generates quotes. By combining the two existing databases that the company had developed in house, staff continue to use familiar software with minimal visual change. With no duplication, they can see all orders for a client at a glance whether prospective, current or historical.

With split job functionality, stock items that have previously been manufactured can be delivered and invoiced. For the same job the requisite job cards are printed for use in the manufacturing process of bespoke products ordered. As part of their ISO9001 processes the system also generates a certificate of conformity for each job. When the job has been signed off an invoice is produced.

With a standardised quotation system and enhanced reporting, profit margins for product lines can be monitored, and the management team now have easy access to accurate overall profit figures.

As with most of our projects, the system has been developed in stages. Once staff are happy with a new release in a live environment, we begin work on the next version. In this way we can adapt quickly as requirements evolve.

We were very pleased to have had PC Access working with us to update our systems. A review was long overdue as the system had become fragmented.

The process for change has evolved since the initial stage where we were seeking integration to a more sophisticated database with facilities to interrogate, via reports, all aspects of our business historically and in the present. We are able use this information to underpin our marketing plans thus providing our company with a far more professional planning process.

We also anticipate that our relationship will develop as we continue to identify that there are additional aspects of our accounting and administration that could be integrated in to a more complete system.

Paul Hunter, Managing Director of DJB Instruments