Workflow System with ISO 9001 Support and Export to Sage

Work Flow Job Management with Office Automation and Document Management

A-Star Traffic specialise in the supply of economic, intelligent and innovative traffic management solutions to the utility, road & bridges and building/civil engineering sectors. The company has experienced success and growth, achieved by a strong commitment to providing a quality service at competitive rates. They have locations in 5 counties across the UK.

The Problem

We were approached in 2013 by the company director, who recognised that the rapid expansion of the business needed to be underpinned by a strong workflow and job management system.

With a complex billing process, a robust yet flexible billing system was needed. This would need to integrate with their in-house accountancy software (Sage Accounts). Safety was another important aspect that was fundamental to work procedures. Furthermore, generating documentation for ISO 9001 compliance was time-consuming, so needed to be automated. Our client wanted to incorporate additional monitoring and tracking procedures, together with improved document management and office automation.

With collaboration between multiple branch locations, it was essential to have a central database from which all sites could access relevant information and update as required.

The Solution

The bespoke workflow and job management system we built (using Microsoft Access) is intuitive for all staff to use, having been customised entirely to the way our client's business operates.

Our client can see at a glance the status of each job at any time. A customised "day view" makes it very straightforward to organise site visits at the start of each day. It is easy to track resources to ensure they are not over allocated. Staff are able to deliver on a just-in-time basis, and collect promptly at the end of each hire period. The workflow system ensures that all documentation is completed at the appropriate time.

Document management with office automation generates the customised documentation required for ISO compliance as well as for legal purposes. The pdf documents produced include full information relevant to each job, such as site location, safety information, personnel and other relevant site details. These pdfs, together with relevant site drawings, are automatically sent to the relevant person in a format is compatible with mobile digital device delivery.

Accurate logging of daily activity automatically feeds into the invoicing process, ensuring that customers are billed accurately. Although the pricing structure is not a simple one, charges are automatically calculated correctly for each customer.

Since the initial development we have continued to offer further support and enhancements as required. Invoice creation has been streamlined to allow for a more comprehensive checking process, and a Sage integration module to support the export of financial data to Sage has been added to facilitate integration.

In response to changing HMRC VAT legislation, Reverse Charge VAT can now easily be applied to customer invoices. Following changes to ISO9001 requirements, document generation can be customised on a per-package basis.

With efficient control, supported by the workflow system, our client's business continues to grow, offering a full and accomplished service.

We have used PC access for many years and I would fully recommend.

Tony took our vague ‘what we would like this database to do’ description and built a version that is fully integral to our business from planning through invoicing & record management.

Over the years we asked for updates and improvements as our business processes have changed, all of which have been completed in a timely and efficient manner.

We look forward to continued support & development

Roy Newton, Director, A-Star Traffic Management Ltd