Integrating with a Weighbridge

Weighbridge hardware integration with billing and stock monitoring

Sharnbrook Grain Storage & Warehousing Ltd analyse, treat and store grain and seed for agricultural businesses.

Our client was managing the day to day business processes using an Excel spreadsheet. With increased demand for their services however this was no longer practical.

The Problem

Grain and seed intakes, analysis, treatments and outtakes were recorded manually. This was difficult to co-ordinate particularly since Ian Fellows weighbridges were used across different sites. Grain intakes were analysed and appropriate treatments carried out. The results were entered into the spreadsheet and labels for the grain samples were written by hand.

As billing was carried out annually at the end of the season, our client had a big administrative workload in July each year. Spreadsheet logs had to be manually checked to compile invoices for billing. In addition some of their larger customers required custom weekly reports which again had to be manually calculated.

The Solution

We automated data collection from the weighbridges for intakes and outtakes across both sites. A standard mechanism for recording analysis results and treatments has been incorporated, and invoicing is now considerably easier.

When incoming vehicles arrive they are weighed at one site and a partial ticket is printed. They either drop or collect grain, and before leaving they are weighed again at a second location. Information is automatically recorded centrally from each weighbridge.

Each commodity requires specialist sophisticated analysis and tests. The new system prompts staff with the correct analysis to be carried out depending on the commodity. A customised sample label containing all relevant information is printed directly from the database using a ruggedized Zebra printer. Any treatments can be entered at this point and the correct charges will automatically be applied.

Invoices are now automatically calculated annually for grain and seed stored, together with any treatment charges. Customised weekly reports are now easily produced as specified by their customers.

Sharnbrook initially approached us as they required a grain stock management system. Having provided this, however, we were able to resolve other issues, so they now have a complete and fully integrated system that handles all aspects of their business. With information now centralised there is consistent and accurate data throughout the system.

At a later date we developed an order processing database with PDA Integration for an egg delivery business run by a family member of one of the directors.