Document Management

Integrating Document Handling into an Access Database

Many businesses have documents and information stored in different places. A core business database will generally store the vast majority of data, but other documents such as incoming forms, letters, emails, as well as related spreadsheets and pdfs may well be stored elsewhere.

Links to these documents can be integrated seamlessly into your central database, so you will have easy access to all relevant documentation. This will help you manage contacts effectively, as well as track projects and sales more efficiently, to give you greater control of all aspects of your business.

Project Examples...

Workflow System with Project and Document Management

A research and analysis company required a custom Access project management system, to streamline and integrate their workflow and document management.

Project example for Work Flow database + Document Handling

Microsoft Access Job Management System with Office Automation and Integration

We used Microsoft Access to develop this Job Managements System, incorporating Document Management and office automation functionality. It handles all stages from receiving an enquiry, through quoting/tender, to job completion. A solid database model ensures quick and easy access to all information, with traceability throughout the entire process.

Project example for Job Management with Office Integration

Work Flow System with Billing and ISO 9001 Compliance Support

We developed a new custom Access database when rapid expansion of our client's business made it difficult for him to keep pace with invoicing. The new custom built Work Flow System combines job management, accurate billing, as well as ISO 9001 compliance.

Project example for Work Flow System + ISO 9001 Support

Workflow Software + Marketing Database + Integrated Diary System

Having stabilised their existing software we optimised the data model to increase speed. We then developed a custom workflow system from quotation through manufacture to dispatch. New marketing functionality and a diary system integrate seamlessly with the workflow system, providing comprehensive and efficient control of the business.

Project example for Workflow, Marketing Admin &integrated Diary System