Custom Expert System

Knowledge base software, rules based automated decision making

In short, an expert system is software that can emulate the decision making ability of a human expert. It is a knowledge base with a set of rules and an “inference engine” that applies those rules. For instance, given a set of criteria it will provide relevant conclusions based on knowledge within the system.

An expert system could be a simple spreadsheet containing a set of conditions, or a more complex custom application with its own database and sophisticated logic.

Project Examples...

Expert System and Excel spreadsheet to Access conversion

ADEY Professional Heating Solutions, specialist manufacturer of central heating products, had an existing Expert System that they needed to extend to record additional information, improve validation, as well as incorporate historical data. This was achieved by converting their existing Excel based system to a Microsoft Access database, with a custom Visual Basic module

Project example for Excel to Access for an Expert System

Manufacturing/Production Support, Expert System & Web Application

We developed a custom manufacturing and production support system for our client to manage the production and support of PCBs. An Expert System was incoroporated to support the quoting process, and a custom web application enables suppliers to report the manufacturing status for efficient monitoring of orders.

Project example for Manufacture / Production + Expert System + Web App