Spreadsheet Conversion

Upgrading from Excel to Access and Relational Databases

Has your business expanded beyond the limits of Excel?

Spreadsheets are widely used by small and emerging businesses to store their data, and can be used effectively to solve "simple" database problems. However scope for scalability is limited. As demand for products or services increases, and client requirements evolve, businesses often struggle to keep pace.

A relational database will give you so much more….. We will save you time by automating many routine jobs, as well as simplifying time-consuming or complex tasks. With forms and reports specific to your business, you will maintain far greater control over your business.

If you prefer you can continue to use spreadsheets for specific tasks such as financial analysis, as we can link this seamlessly with your new database to maximise the benefits of both.

Project Examples...

Expert System and Excel spreadsheet to Access conversion

ADEY Professional Heating Solutions, specialist manufacturer of central heating products, had an existing Expert System that they needed to extend to record additional information, improve validation, as well as incorporate historical data. This was achieved by converting their existing Excel based system to a Microsoft Access database, with a custom Visual Basic module

Project example for Excel to Access for an Expert System

PDA Hardware Integration with Access database

A business which supplies retail outlets with farm produce was finding it difficult to keep pace with increasing demand for their products as well as the greater flexibility required by their clients. Moving from a manual rounds system to a computerised one, using a ruggadized PDA integrating with an order processing system, has significantly reduced the administrative work load, and made it far easier to handle ad hoc changes to deliveries.

Project example for Integrate PDA with Access + Invoicing