Integrating Excel

Importing and Exporting Data Between Excel and Access

By storing your data in Access and connecting to it from Excel, you gain the benefits of both.

With a robust, well-designed relational database, information will be consolidated and stored in a structured format. Validation can be incorporated to make sure that data entered is accurate and consistent. You will be able to share and update data among multiple users, and create powerful reports and queries (views of your data).

Integrate Excel to pull data directly from MS Access, and you now have the powerful analysis tools of the spreadsheet software at your disposal. Whether accounting, budgeting, planning, tracking, carrying out statistical analysis, or performing sophisticated what-if scenarios on your data Excel has built in functionality to help. Data can be sorted and filtered quickly and effectively, and then visually presented with a wealth of charts and graphs to choose from.

Hardware Integration with Excel

Hardware can be integrated directly with Excel too. So if you have a spreadsheet system which works well for your business, we can integrate your hardware with Excel for improved accuracy and greater efficiency.

Project Examples...

Excel Export with Access Version Control

Excel integration with Access was needed for the manipulation of large data sets. Our client also required improved version control to manage the distribution of his Genstat Market Size Databases to customers running different versions of Access.

Project example for Excel Export + Access Version Control

Real-time Excel integration with Weighbridge

A potato storage business required real-time Excel integration with a Leon Engineering weighbridge. We developed a Real Time Interface (RTI) system to integrate with the legacy serial communications interface.

Project example for Real-time Hardware Integrating with Excel

Custom Live Auction Management with Invoicing

We developed a Live Auction Management System customised to handle the specific requirements of Tayler and Fletcher, particularly with regard to farm machinery auctions as well as hay and straw sales.
The new system manages the complete process including compiling the catalogue, calculating commission and bidder premiums, generating bidder invoices, printing vendor statements, and balancing the sales ledger at the end of the auction.

Project example for Auction Management with invoicing

Questionnaire Analysis within Management Information System

We developed a custom Management Information System for our client using Microsoft Access, and integrating with Word and Excel. With automatic exporting and importing within Microsoft Office staff can more easily manage the complete process from creating questions through logging contacts with respondents to questionnaire analysis and reporting.

Project example for MIS Questionnaire Analysis

Custom Investment Application Database using Microsoft Access

A leading provider of financial investments required bespoke business administration software for managing investment applications. A Microsoft Access database was developed for this purpose, which enabled their own staff to adapt and create management reports as required.

Custom Business Administration

Project example for MS Access Business Administration

Invoicing with Sage integration, Job Management with SMS messaging application

inRode is a custom built Job Management System, handling the allocation of deliveries to drivers. It incorporates a bespoke invoicing system to help them manage industry specific billing requirements, with electronic transfer of information for integration with Sage. The most recent addition was an integrated CMS application for automatically sending text messages to drivers with delivery information.

Project example for Auto Text Messaging and Job Management

Work Flow System with Billing and ISO 9001 Compliance Support

We developed a new custom Access database when rapid expansion of our client's business made it difficult for him to keep pace with invoicing. The new custom built Work Flow System combines job management, accurate billing, as well as ISO 9001 compliance.

Project example for Work Flow System + ISO 9001 Support