Custom Quotation Systems

Create Estimates Automatically with Access

Producing quotes manually can be labour intensive and prone to error, and proprietary software will only meet standard requirements. Estimating software custom built for your business, using Access or SQL server, will allow you to create accurate and comprehensive quotes in minutes.

With easy access to customer enquiries and sales histories you will be able to respond quickly to requests for quotes with consistent, accurate information using cost models relevant to your business. These can be despatched by post, e-mail or other method, as you or your customer prefers.

Estimates can easily be converted to sales orders to facilitate fast and accurate scheduling. Quote items can be linked directly to products for dynamic stock control, or to staff job lists for effective project management, or to inventory items to ensure the correct materials are in place for each job.

Project Examples...

Factory Floor Job Management system with order processing

With prospects and clients stored in separate databases, and order processing handled by yet another system, our client needed an administration database that would combine all aspects of their business. We provided a system that handles quotations, order processing, through factory floor job management, to invoicing.

Project example for ISO9001 Job Management

Microsoft Access integration with Word and Excel for Contact Management System

A marketing company required custom Contact Management software to help them manage an expanding range of services provided to the UK veterinary sector. They needed to integrate a Microsoft Access database with Word and Excel and to automate a number of regular processes.

Project example for Contact Management with Office Integration

Microsoft Access Job Management System with Office Automation and Integration

We used Microsoft Access to develop this Job Managements System, incorporating Document Management and office automation functionality. It handles all stages from receiving an enquiry, through quoting/tender, to job completion. A solid database model ensures quick and easy access to all information, with traceability throughout the entire process.

Project example for Job Management with Office Integration

Project Management, Contact Management and Quotation System

A comprehensive database system was already in place for this primary sector service company. Developed in-house, and covering most aspects of their business, manual processes were needed to transfer data between different parts of the system. Our client required the software to be fully integrated so all areas would run seamlessly together.

Project example for CRM + Quotations + Project Management