Access Upgrades and Version Control

Version Control and Upgrading Access Problems

Perhaps this section could aptly be described as “picking up the pieces”.

One of the beauties of Microsoft Access is it is very easy to write a database, with wizards and macros to help you on your way. However, there is a “tar pit” for the unwary. As the database grows there is a point at which an inexperienced developer will come unstuck.

For instance, upgrading an Access database “should” be relatively straightforward. Unfortunately, this is often the point at which cracks will show.

If the database has not been built on strong foundations, or the developer has only basic programming experience, upgrading your software can create all sorts of problems. A lot of time can be wasted trying to resolve these issues. A scenario which we frequently see is that these problems have been “fixed” with unnecessary and inefficient workarounds.

Below are examples of business databases we have “rescued”…..

Project Examples...

Excel Export with Access Version Control

Excel integration with Access was needed for the manipulation of large data sets. Our client also required improved version control to manage the distribution of his Genstat Market Size Databases to customers running different versions of Access.

Project example for Excel Export + Access Version Control

Access Database Problem When Upgrading

A property consultancy experienced problems with the Access database used to manage their business. This had been rendered unusable following a chain of events including an Access upgrade. We were able to locate and solve the problem quickly so they were soon back up and functioning again.

Project example for Problem following an Access upgrade