Custom Management Information Systems

Bespoke Management Information Systems using Microsoft Access

Your custom Management Information System (MIS) will be developed using a relational database such as Microsoft Access or SQL Server. This means data is linked as it is entered so it can be cross referenced for reports, turning it into valuable information.

A well designed data model will allow you to collect and analyse information for greater understanding of your clients, as well as predicting future sales and market trends.

Software will be tailored precisely to your business requirements. It will be easy to use, and will provide a full range of in-depth charts and administrative reports.

We can link to your existing database software, such as SQL Server, MySQL or Sage, to produce a variety of comprehensive management reports.

Project Examples...

Questionnaire Analysis within Management Information System

We developed a custom Management Information System for our client using Microsoft Access, and integrating with Word and Excel. With automatic exporting and importing within Microsoft Office staff can more easily manage the complete process from creating questions through logging contacts with respondents to questionnaire analysis and reporting.

Project example for MIS Questionnaire Analysis

Management Information System for a Marketing Department

A call centre for an international financial company had very specific requirements for both data capture and reporting. They needed a flexible system that would adapt to rapidly changing requirements. We developed a Management Information System for their call centre which significantly improved staff efficiency and provided comprehensive relevant reporting.

Project example for Call Centre Information System

Custom Project Administration database with Contact Management

We re-built a custom Project Management database for this property consultancy business. The original system had been badly designed, with inefficient "work-arounds" and confusing navigation.

Project example for Project Administration Contact Management

Project Management, Contact Management and Quotation System

A comprehensive database system was already in place for this primary sector service company. Developed in-house, and covering most aspects of their business, manual processes were needed to transfer data between different parts of the system. Our client required the software to be fully integrated so all areas would run seamlessly together.

Project example for CRM + Quotations + Project Management

Workflow System with Project and Document Management

A research and analysis company required a custom Access project management system, to streamline and integrate their workflow and document management.

Project example for Work Flow database + Document Handling

Website integrated with Job Management System and MIS

A Facilities Department within a school needed to co-ordinate and schedule requests for work. We built a Job Management database which integrates with the client's website, and incorporates a Management Information System.

Project example for Integrate Website & Job Management

Work Flow System with Billing and ISO 9001 Compliance Support

We developed a new custom Access database when rapid expansion of our client's business made it difficult for him to keep pace with invoicing. The new custom built Work Flow System combines job management, accurate billing, as well as ISO 9001 compliance.

Project example for Work Flow System + ISO 9001 Support

Manufacturing/Production Support, Expert System & Web Application

We developed a custom manufacturing and production support system for our client to manage the production and support of PCBs. An Expert System was incoroporated to support the quoting process, and a custom web application enables suppliers to report the manufacturing status for efficient monitoring of orders.

Project example for Manufacture / Production + Expert System + Web App

Factory Floor Job Management system with order processing

With prospects and clients stored in separate databases, and order processing handled by yet another system, our client needed an administration database that would combine all aspects of their business. We provided a system that handles quotations, order processing, through factory floor job management, to invoicing.

Project example for ISO9001 Job Management

Microsoft Access integration with Word and Excel for Contact Management System

A marketing company required custom Contact Management software to help them manage an expanding range of services provided to the UK veterinary sector. They needed to integrate a Microsoft Access database with Word and Excel and to automate a number of regular processes.

Project example for Contact Management with Office Integration