Custom Invoicing System

Bespoke Invoice Billing System with Microsoft Access

Invoices can be produced automatically and easily with a custom invoicing system.

Many businesses have very specific invoicing requirements. Perhaps you need to split jobs between many invoices. Or maybe your billing process incorporates a complex commission structure, or varying charges. Are you easily able to tie in all aspects of work associated with each invoice? Even a small variance from standard practices can waste staff time if your software does not handle this seamlessly.

We can provide custom invoicing that will integrate with your existing software, or build a complete system that will help you manage all aspects of your business.

Project Examples...

Invoicing with Sage integration, Job Management with SMS messaging application

inRode is a custom built Job Management System, handling the allocation of deliveries to drivers. It incorporates a bespoke invoicing system to help them manage industry specific billing requirements, with electronic transfer of information for integration with Sage. The most recent addition was an integrated CMS application for automatically sending text messages to drivers with delivery information.

Project example for Auto Text Messaging and Job Management

Custom Live Auction Management with Invoicing

We developed a Live Auction Management System customised to handle the specific requirements of Tayler and Fletcher, particularly with regard to farm machinery auctions as well as hay and straw sales.
The new system manages the complete process including compiling the catalogue, calculating commission and bidder premiums, generating bidder invoices, printing vendor statements, and balancing the sales ledger at the end of the auction.

Project example for Auction Management with invoicing

Microsoft Access Business Administration & Invoicing

A very successful dance school required a custom Access business administration system, including invoicing, to simplify management as their business expanded. We incorporated precise requirements pertinent to their business, and have continued to adapt the system in accordance with changing requirements of relevant professional bodies.

Project example for MS Access Business Administration & Invoicing

PDA Hardware Integration with Access database

A business which supplies retail outlets with farm produce was finding it difficult to keep pace with increasing demand for their products as well as the greater flexibility required by their clients. Moving from a manual rounds system to a computerised one, using a ruggadized PDA integrating with an order processing system, has significantly reduced the administrative workload, and made it far easier to handle ad hoc changes to deliveries.

Project example for Integrate PDA with Access + Invoicing

Weighbridge Integration, Invoice Generation and Grain Storage

With an expanding business, our client needed to reduce the time his staff were spending entering weight information manually. With information now automatically transferred from his Avery weighbridge indicator to his core database, considerable time has been saved.

Weighbridge Integration AccessWeighbride LiveWeighbride Live
Weighbride LiveWeighbride LiveHardware Integration Access

Above are some live action pictures of our grain storage database in use. Note the lack of clean desktop environment!

Project example for Hardware Integration for Grain Storage

Solve Database Problems, Booking System and export to Sage

Having solved the underlying database problems for this client, we progressed the job management system, providing a custom booking system, improving the billing section of the database, and incorporating a customised export module to Sage Accounts

Project example for Solve Database Problem, Booking App, Sage Export

Manufacturing/Production Support, Expert System & Web Application

We developed a custom manufacturing and production support system for our client to manage the production and support of PCBs. An Expert System was incoroporated to support the quoting process, and a custom web application enables suppliers to report the manufacturing status for efficient monitoring of orders.

Project example for Manufacture / Production + Expert System + Web App

Integrate Weighbridge Hardware with Billing database

We integrated weighbridges across multiple sites with a central billing and stock monitoring system for this grain storage and warehousing company. The analysis and treatment of commodities is also managed within the system, for consistency and accuracy throughout.

Project example for Hardware Integration Weighbridge + Billing

Work Flow System with Billing and ISO 9001 Compliance Support

We developed a new custom Access database when rapid expansion of our client's business made it difficult for him to keep pace with invoicing. The new custom built Work Flow System combines job management, accurate billing, as well as ISO 9001 compliance.

Project example for Work Flow System + ISO 9001 Support

Project Management, Contact Management and Quotation System

A comprehensive database system was already in place for this primary sector service company. Developed in-house, and covering most aspects of their business, manual processes were needed to transfer data between different parts of the system. Our client required the software to be fully integrated so all areas would run seamlessly together.

Project example for CRM + Quotations + Project Management

Workflow Software + Marketing Database + Integrated Diary System

Having stabilised their existing software we optimised the data model to increase speed. We then developed a custom workflow system from quotation through manufacture to dispatch. New marketing functionality and a diary system integrate seamlessly with the workflow system, providing comprehensive and efficient control of the business.

Project example for Workflow, Marketing Admin &integrated Diary System