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Pinder Fry & Benjamin LLP is a leading provider of finance for investment in the commercial property sector, raising equity finance from high net worth individuals and debt from institutional investors.

The firm needed to develop a more robust and sophisticated method of recording investment applications and for manipulating and using the associated information.

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The Problem

The existing work flow system had "evolved" using a series of Excel spreadsheets. The recording of information from application forms was a time-consuming manual process. Furthermore, a strong involvement by management was essential, as there was no reliable mechanism in place for checking the information as it was entered, nor was there an easy way for key staff to track the completion of individual applications and the receipt of funds, and to report on each stage throughout the process.

The Solution

As the financial products sold are highly specialised, with many checks and procedures required before each application for investment is accepted, we developed a custom work flow system that mirrored this multi-stage process.

By creating a simple to use multi-user database using Microsoft Access, staff were able to process applications quickly. New data input forms restricted the choices available to valid options for each product, improving the accuracy of information entered. With custom validation, work could be delegated to more junior staff, freeing up senior staff for other responsibilities.

With instant reporting, management can now track the exact financial position at any stage of the process. Custom reports track numbers of applications for each phase at any time. In addition, the calculation of commission payable is now automated and can be easily configured on a product by product basis.

Over the last few years the number of investors in our funds has increased significantly and as a result we needed to establish a more robust and user-friendly method of recording information and generating reports than our previous reliance on standalone Excel spreadsheets.

We had previously worked with PC Access in establishing our original Marketing and Administration Database (“MAD”) which has been a critical tool in promoting our funds. In producing a new database solution for the processing of investment applications, we were keen to link the solution to MAD in order to integrate the two databases and record all relevant information on a single system.

I have always found Anna and Tony to be friendly and helpful as well as utterly professional in the service that they provide, and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to potential clients. Working with them intermittently since 2000 has shown the benefits of continuity and the value of using a small boutique source of expertise rather than a more impersonal large company.

Alan Wooley, Partner at Pinder Fry & Benjamin