Custom Contact Management

Custom Microsoft Access Client Relationship Management Database

A Contact Management database is sometimes referred to as Client Relationship Management (CRM). You will be able to store full information for all customers, and with a strong data structure underpinning your system you will have immediate and easy access to all relevant information.

By using Microsoft Access to build your custom Content Management System we are able to keep development costs low, and your staff will be able to build additional reports, queries and forms as required. As the software will be designed specifically for all users of your system, it will be intuitive for your staff to operate.

You are likely to have requirements that are industry specific or pertinent to your business, however the following are examples of features we have provided for businesses:

  • Daily Schedules or Task Lists for departments as well as individual staff members
  • Organise/select contacts by company, industry sector, product interest, or other significant criteria
  • Email integration for sending individual emails, as well as for preparing, editing, scheduling and logging automated email campaigns
  • Word integration for creating printed labels, or preparing documents automatically updated and formatted with user defined templates
  • Report management with reports set up on your behalf
  • Excel integration for full versatility and control over statistical analysis
  • Calendar integration to make it easier to schedule meetings and view appointments
  • Map with travel instructions
  • Remote or mobile phone access to enable all personnel to view and update information as required
  • Auto dialling capabilities
  • Links to websites and social networking pages

Project Examples...

Microsoft Access integration with Word and Excel for Contact Management System

A marketing company required custom Contact Management software to help them manage an expanding range of services provided to the UK veterinary sector. They needed to integrate a Microsoft Access database with Word and Excel and to automate a number of regular processes.

Project example for Contact Management with Office Integration

Project Management, Contact Management and Quotation System

A comprehensive database system was already in place for this primary sector service company. Developed in-house, and covering most aspects of their business, manual processes were needed to transfer data between different parts of the system. Our client required the software to be fully integrated so all areas would run seamlessly together.

Project example for CRM + Quotations + Project Management

Custom Project Administration database with Contact Management

We re-built a custom Project Management database for this property consultancy business. The original system had been badly designed, with inefficient "work-arounds" and confusing navigation.

Project example for Project Administration Contact Management

Custom Investment Application Database using Microsoft Access

A leading provider of financial investments required bespoke business administration software for managing investment applications. A Microsoft Access database was developed for this purpose, which enabled their own staff to adapt and create management reports as required.

Custom Business Administration

Project example for MS Access Business Administration

Microsoft Access Job Management System with Office Automation and Integration

We used Microsoft Access to develop this Job Managements System, incorporating Document Management and office automation functionality. It handles all stages from receiving an enquiry, through quoting/tender, to job completion. A solid database model ensures quick and easy access to all information, with traceability throughout the entire process.

Project example for Job Management with Office Integration

Workflow Software + Marketing Database + Integrated Diary System

Having stabilised their existing software we optimised the data model to increase speed. We then developed a custom workflow system from quotation through manufacture to dispatch. New marketing functionality and a diary system integrate seamlessly with the workflow system, providing comprehensive and efficient control of the business.

Project example for Workflow, Marketing Admin &integrated Diary System

Solve Database Problems, Booking System and export to Sage

Having solved the underlying database problems for this client, we progressed the job management system, providing a custom booking system, improving the billing section of the database, and incorporating a customised export module to Sage Accounts

Project example for Solve Database Problem, Booking App, Sage Export