Custom Access Replicated Database

Replicated Database for a Planning Consultancy

Pegasus Planning Group LLP provide independent, specialist advice for the development industry on town planning, environmental planning and urban design.

The client had a limited budget to implement a shared database that would ensure projects within the organisation did not have a conflict of interest.

A Microsoft Access replicated database was used as a cost effective solution.

Microsoft Access Replicated DatabaseCustom Replicated Database

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The Problem

The partnership had five remote offices distributed over the United Kingdom. Information about project details were recorded in separate Excel spreadsheets which were stored on each site's local network (LAN).

The existing project data contained a lot of duplicate information, as projects often referred to the same clients and staff members. This meant that it was difficult to keep client information up to date, as it was stored in many different places.

In addition, they had to ensure that the same projects were not handled by different offices, but they had no shared method for carrying out checks. Project reference numbers needed to be allocated in a controlled manner to avoid duplication.

The Solution

PC Access designed a relational database to model both client and project data in a structured way, which eliminated duplication of information. User-friendly forms now make it easy for junior staff to enter client and product data, with validation to improve the quality of information recorded. Project reference numbers are automatically generated, following the existing numbering system. A custom search screen allows staff to quickly identify potentially conflicting projects.

We developed a replicated Microsoft Access back-end database with a custom script for synchronisation. This co-ordinates the update process across the company's wide area network, and ensures that project data is regularly synchronised between office sites. With an easy method of adding new office sites, staff do not need to involve PC Access as the company expands.


Synchronisation process using the Synch40 TSI synchronizer ActiveX object library.

We're really pleased with the solution provided by PC Access. Both management and junior staff quickly adapted to the new system. Very little training was needed as the system is intuitive and matches our internal work flow processes.

I would be very happy to recommend PC Access for their technical expertise, speedy delivery, and most of all for excellent results.

Garry Watson, General & Facilities Manager, Pegasus Planning Group LLP