Static Website Conversion

Static to Dynamic Website Conversion for Bed and Breakfast

Over The Way provide long term bed and breakfast accommodation. The family run business had an existing static website. However, they were not able to change either the wording or the photos on the website themselves.

Website for Bed and Breakfast Accommodation in Cheltenham Gloucesterbed and breakfast Cotswolds Gloucestershire

As all changes to their existing business website had to be made by their web developer, this was costly. In addition, there was inevitably a delay until the changes were seen on their website.

We kept the appearance of the original website as this had been designed by their son. We converted their existing static site to a dynamic website by providing a simple to use content management system. The family are now able to update the website themselves quickly and easily.

We also provide low cost web hosting for their new website.

A huge thank you to you both. I finally feel in control of our website as it is so easy to make changes myself. My son, Adam Stredwick, is a website designer so I am really pleased we were able to keep the original design that he did for us. Many thanks again,

Lin Stredwick, Business Owner