CNC Manufacturing Integration

CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) Support Systems

You will be able to control vital production information from your core business database by linking it directly to shop floor machinery

Management of CNC machines can be improved dramatically with a CAM Support System integrating with a central business database. As most machinery uses common communication standards such as RS232, RS423, TCP/IP networking, or SMB file sharing, we can provide cost effective, bespoke, integrated solutions using inexpensive PC hardware and software.

With information stored in once place you will have better control of the production processes. It will also be easier to monitor jobs through all stages to ensure high production standards are maintained.

Project Examples...

CNC Auto Job Sequencing

A specialist engineering company was finding it difficult to update software developed in-house. They had a job sequence program to manage their CNC machinery, but altering this to control new machines with different characteristics was problematic.

Project example for CNC Auto Job Sequencing

Factory Floor Job Management system with order processing

With prospects and clients stored in separate databases, and order processing handled by yet another system, our client needed an administration database that would combine all aspects of their business. We provided a system that handles quotations, order processing, through factory floor job management, to invoicing.

Project example for ISO9001 Job Management