XML Web Services

Business to Business Web Services (XML)

By transferring information electronically B2B (Business to Business) web services will increase efficiency, reduce paper waste, minimise inconvenience, and improve data accuracy. Give your organisation an enormous competitive advantage by automating a range of tasks such as updating an external database, handling payments, collecting data, or speeding up submissions for business procurement.

Make use of free Internet services by integrating them with your business database, for instance with Google Maps you will be able to visualise your client coverage, plan distribution routes, or automatically calculate mileage expenses.

Project Examples...

Custom B2B Web Service with C# XML for a charity

With the B2B Web Service application we developed, our client is able to continue using the database system previously developed for them by PC Access, with relevant information uploaded into a central system developed for other organisations in their group.

Custom Business to Business Web ServiceBespoke B2B Web Service

Project example for Business Web Service