Microsoft Office Automation

Automate Word, Excel, Outlook and Integrate with Access

People often think of Microsoft Office as separate applications, such as Word, Excel, Outlook and Access. However, these areas can be integrated to run seamlessly together.

Underpinned by a strong data model, information will be consolidated in a core database that will bring together the disparate working practices of your business. All communication or actions will be recorded centrally for easier management and tracking of customer, supplier and business contact relations.

Staff time will be saved by automating everyday business routines such as report generation, letter production and bulk email sending. Complex office tasks will be automated to increase business efficiency and minimise errors.

Project Examples...

Microsoft Access Job Management System with Office Automation and Integration

We used Microsoft Access to develop this Job Managements System, incorporating Document Management and office automation functionality. It handles all stages from receiving an enquiry, through quoting/tender, to job completion. A solid database model ensures quick and easy access to all information, with traceability throughout the entire process.

Project example for Job Management with Office Integration

Work Flow System with Billing and ISO 9001 Compliance Support

We developed a new custom Access database when rapid expansion of our client's business made it difficult for him to keep pace with invoicing. The new custom built Work Flow System combines job management, accurate billing, as well as ISO 9001 compliance.

Project example for Work Flow System + ISO 9001 Support

Custom Live Auction Management with Invoicing

We developed a Live Auction Management System customised to handle the specific requirements of Tayler and Fletcher, particularly with regard to farm machinery auctions as well as hay and straw sales.
The new system manages the complete process including compiling the catalogue, calculating commission and bidder premiums, generating bidder invoices, printing vendor statements, and balancing the sales ledger at the end of the auction.

Project example for Auction Management with invoicing

Bookings and Diary System using Microsoft Access

A custom central appointment and booking system enables this Bristol charity to make appointments and track the progress of their clients with ease. It is fully integrated with other areas within the organisation. Automatic document production ensures that all relevant documentation is printed for each consultation.

Integrated Appointments Access Database

Project example for Appointments, Bookings and Diary

Questionnaire Analysis within Management Information System

We developed a custom Management Information System for our client using Microsoft Access, and integrating with Word and Excel. With automatic exporting and importing within Microsoft Office staff can more easily manage the complete process from creating questions through logging contacts with respondents to questionnaire analysis and reporting.

Project example for MIS Questionnaire Analysis